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During your pregnancy and after the baby arrives you will encounter moments that are so special you can't even trust your own memory to hold onto it. Photographers who are gifted in capturing these times are irreplaceable, especially when you find one as genuine, kind, funny, and patient as Ginette Sundin of Sundin Photography. Based out of San Diego, California, Ginette and her husband, Daniel, specialize in natural light, candid photography. We have dragged them to trails, parks, beaches and to our own homes to capture our lives. We feel so lucky to have been able to work with Ginette that we want to share her with you! Just for 3 o'clock POP readers, book a portrait session for January or February 2010 and receive $50 off the session fee. There's a limited number of sessions available and you must book by November 30, 2009 at www.sundinphotography.com.

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