Wrap POP

This week was all about prepping for the big New Years Eve celebration! It is the end of a decade and the beginning of a new year, so ring it in with style. We featured a beautiful sequin skirt as well as a dainty feather chiffon headband. These pieces would look lovely when paired with a chiffon tank, statement necklace, and cropped fur bolero. Try a new shade of crimson lipstick for a timeless, sophisticated look. If you plan to host a party at your home, purchase the "Trio Beverage Dispenser" for quick and easy drink service to all of your guests. Spend the day with your little sprouts by creating time capsules and celebrate NYE at "12:00" by setting the clocks forward to their normal bedtime. If you still are unsure of your celebration plans, visit www.NewYears.com to purchase tickets for events in your area. Happy New Year!!!!

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